Types of Massage

What type of massage do you need?

Have you ever gone for a massage and you know what it is you want but don't know what "modality" to ask for? Hopefully the following information will help you understand what it is you're looking for and the benefits of each type of massage. What type of massage will you choose for your journey?
If you don't understand what these treatments are, don't be afraid to ask, we will be more than happy to give you more details.

Will it be for the body where you can choose from several modalities including:

  • Swedish Massage - gentle, light touch. Helps reduce tension, soothe sore muscles, increase circulation and induce relaxation.
  • Therapeutic or Deep Tissue/Trigger Point - a focused massage using slower,deeper movement directed at relieving holding patterns in the body.  Helps get rid of the "knots" and release areas where the body tends to hold on to tension, for example the neck and shoulders or low back.
  • Reflexology - restores balance and harmony to the body by:
    • Balancing the body's systems and organs
    • Induces deep relaxation
    • Boosts circulation
    • Aids elimination
    • Brings relief to acute and chronic conditions
      • Revitalizes energy
      • Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities
      • Stimulates creativity and productivity.
  • Hot Stone - Hot stone massage is deeply detoxifying and profoundly relaxing.  By combining massage and hot stones, the circulatory system is both stimulated and relaxed.  The circulatory activity promotes the release of toxins from the muscles, assisting the body in self-healing in addition, tense muscles are also softened and eased by the deeply penetrating heat of the stones.  Pain and muscles spasms are banished and a feeling of peacefulness and spiritual well-being takes hold.  The combined effect prompts a state of enhanced relaxation that washes away stress and sets the stage for re-energizing and rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit.
  • Mommy to be? We can provide a specialized massage to relax sore back and hip muscles, tired feet and cramped leg muscles (not recommended in the first trimester).

Will it be for the mind where we take you through a guided meditation?

  • Learn how to allow your mind to slow down and let everything relax.
  • Meditation improves the ability to deal with daily stressors. Since stress is minimized your quality of sleep is also improved.
  • Will it be for the spirit? (clothing on treatments)
    • Reiki - a subtle, yet powerful Japanese energy technique used to enhance vitality, reduce stress and promote healing. The laying on of hands is peace inducing as well as therapeutic.
    • Chakra balancing (pronounced Shock-Rah) You may ask "what is a Chakra?" We are believed to have seven Chakras. They are whirling, concentrated centers of energy that are measurable patterns of electromagnetic activity for receiving, assimilating and transmitting life-force energy to and within the body.
      • Both color and sound affect the charkas, especially when used together. Each of the charkas or energy centers is associated with a specific tone of the musical scale and with a specific color. Certain music and tones can help heal energy imbalances in the charkas by assisting the body to release unwanted thoughts and feelings and to come into its natural state of balance and harmony through deep relaxation and entrainment.
      • When our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies are out of vibrational harmony, sound and color are projected into the charkas. Correct vibrational patterns can be restored enhancing overall well-being.
      • Sound produces changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems.

We also offer

  • Aroma Therapy. Are you aware that your sense of smell can create wonderful healing affects? Think of how you feel when you light a scented candle. Aroma Therapy is that and so much more. Aroma Therapy is using the essential oils of plants, flowers, seeds, leaves and roots to promote health and well-being. The scientific reasons behind why and how aroma therapy works involve the human body and our response to scent. Our bodies carry the scents to the parts of the brain that involve our emotions and hormones - this explains why you feel more relaxed when you light a lavender candle. Aroma Therapy can be added to any of the above treatments at your request. (Please advise us of any allergies if you are requesting Aroma Therapy.)